Cats are deeply misunderstood animals (says a cat lover). It takes a patient and loving person to care for and create a bond with a cat. They can become your best friend just like a dog can. It’s important to know the best ways to win your cat’s heart over— as a happy cat means a happy home. Take a look at a few of the ways to your cat’s heart below:

Catnip: Keep catnip, catnip bubbles and/or catnip toys on hand— there’s even a catnip bush that you can plant outdoors. Catnip will cheer up the grumpiest of cats. It will make the even laziest cat play. However, catnip is not recommended for kittens— they have enough energy.

Toy Mice: As everyone knows, cats love to hunt. If you have an indoor cat, getting him/her a few toy mice is a great way to feed this instinct and without the real mice being left at your doorstep.

Cat Towers/Shelving: Cats love to sleep and lounge around, but they also love to play and jump around, high above the rest of the world. Cat towers are perfect for both of those actions. If your home or apartment doesn’t have the room for a cat tower then consider adding shelving specifically for your cat. He/she will love to be able to jump from shelf to shelf and sit high above the rest of the animals and people in the home. He/she will feel especially safe and happy with the ability to be high above or down with you.

Lots of Love: Cats and kittens love to snuggle and showing them the affection back will enhance that love. However, It’s important to notice the signs of distress, especially if your cat has claws. If you are getting a kitten, be sure to give them the love and attention they need. Although a cat is not a dog, they still require attention and some work. Kittens have a lot of energy just like puppies and it’s important to play with them just as you would with a puppy. Older cats may not have the same amount of energy but they still love to play and snuggle, too.

Since animals can’t talk and you can’t read minds, they will always be unpredictable. But, providing your cat with the types of things listed above will enhance the likelihood that your cat will be a very happy cat. And above all pay attention to the signs your cat is giving you such as purring or pinned back ears. Those signs are the only indicators you have in understanding them.

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imagesIt is no secret that many individuals worldwide are mentally prepared and planning for a state of political or economic chaos, or natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes or cyclones, floods or forest fires. It is wise to have a home survival bunker that can provide shelter in case of an emergency.

With the help of research and technology, you can easily get to know whether or not your locality is a danger zone for any of the disasters and accordingly take steps towards building a safe house. In areas that are tornado-prone, a survival shelter would be a great investment to protect the family, pets and essential valuables. Remodeling a home with a safe for valuable assets or documents, storage for food, water, first aid materials, and other supplies and sleeping and sanitation facilities can prove to be a productive investment at the time of crisis.

Your survival home need not be boring or bland. Involve both young and old while designing it, so as to meet individual needs. Your safe house can also serve as a media center, kid’s playroom, gymnasium or even a hobby center. The important thing to be kept in mind is that it should be readily available to all family members at any time. Apart from that, it is also advised to prepare an emergency kit at home containing water supply, dried food, cash, and a spare cell phone with emergency numbers and numbers of all relatives stored and saved.

Reach out to a reputed building contractor or architect to show you models of a basement or freestanding shelters to provide maximum safety to your family at the time of a disaster. The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advises, “After determining that you live in a tornado-prone region, it is important to understand the risks”. The residential homes, despite incorporating green building codes or smart home technology, do not provide adequate protection to residents.

If you live in a tornado-prone area, it is important that you know the effects of a tornado on your house. Tornado winds can impact the wind and windborne debris load on your home. Only structures that are designed and constructed to be able to withstand that kind of pressure can provide protection to the inhabitants.

Tornadoes can arrive without any warning and produce winds with a speed of over 300 miles per hour. To withstand the pressure, the builder will most likely use fiber reinforced concrete and steel beams and plating. Such special purpose structures can be constructed inside your home or built as stand-alone structures. Remember that these structures need to be able to provide protection against strong winds and that they should not be located at a place where water can flood.

When discussing the safe house with your builder, it would be wise to select a space that is larger than the necessary space requirements for your family so that there is room for one or two more unplanned people to seek safety and shelter.

When the lives of your loved ones depend on the efficiency of your safe house, it is only sensible to use quality skill and techniques for its construction.

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